Quora delete my answer

Hi All,

For the No-follow SEO Backlink purpose, I wrote an answer to a relevant question on Quora and left a few backlinks to my site.

Now, I can see the answer but no one else from outside can see the answer in quora.

When I delete the answer at quora and restore the same answer again. Then for few minutes, my answer is visible to all. But after some minutes again it’s gone. Only I can see it in my profile.

Any Advice, what can be the reason.

Best Regards
-Fahim Kundi

Have you written answers before without inserting links?

No, I wrote the answer along by inserting links at the same time.

Any Advice or suggestion?

If you are following a habit of inserting your link in all your answers, ultimately, your answer will be removed. To fix this, start writing answers without any links for a month or two to remove the flag.