Rank math or yoast seo?

i know alot of you are choosing rank math. However, i see alot of attack (hack or whatever) in Rank Math plugin.

Which are your plugin choice? While i do not mind spending money on these plugin.


None. You don’t need an seo plugin to rank. It bloats the site and does very less for you.
I see my site with No seo plugin do better than one with seo plugins.

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Yes seo plugins are actually not require to rank but for some og tags, meta and schema I prefer to use it.

I used to rank well without plugin but I started using RankMath for mainly below things …

  • Social Card Preview

  • 404 tracking

  • Sitemap

Schema purpose

  • FAQs
  • Product
  • News

After using RankMath, ranking position slightly improved. I left using Yoast because too many advt inside dashboard.


Tags are obsolete long time ago.
And meta description is something google picks on their own even if you specify it. Apart from that, I do see the use of schema offered by them but again if you have a well built theme why add an additional plugin. Unless you are doing recipe, product review and stuff, a normal post schema works fine for me. The risks with the plugin affecting your SEO is more than the benefits. Anything goes wrong in an update of the plugin and all your page may drop from the SERP. Although they claim they fixed it, nothing goes back to usual. Over 40% of website are built on WordPress and with every update they improve the inbuilt functionality that overall improves the SEO. The worst part is, it can be tough to switch between plugin or remove them altogether once your site grows. So, why do it at the first place!

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