Rapid Growth Formula

Hello everyone. In this forum we have some successful bloggers, some are extremely successful and some are still struggling to gain traffic.

In your opinion, how can one achieve rapid growth? What are the measures you have taken? What are your strategies? On what do you put most emphasis on (links, content, UX all other kinds of stuff)?

Content is the king anyday.

Few tips:-

  • Have a minimalistic easy simple and fast theme.
  • Start writing low competition article and make your way to heavy competition ones
  • Choosing the right topic is the key. Use google trends, google related questions and autofill to key word research. Remember most keyword tools suck, they dont have any related data. I have found keyword with 0 volume as per tool get 1000s pageviews every month.
  • Always make a thorough blog post covering the topic entirely. Use relevent images, infographic and videos to support it.
  • Give relevent sources at end of each post. Include research-based pdf and stuff to show authority to google and visitors.
  • Have a thourough about me page as EAT is really important nowadays.
  • Post atleast 10 article in a month to keep up with competition and adding fresh value to existing subscriber and user