Re-enable domain blocked by Facebook


Today, one of my domain was Blocked on Facebook. If I post an advertisement using the link, it says, The link goes against our Guidelines.

How to remove the violation and enable the domain on Facebook?

Need your expert suggestion.


Sorry to hear. This happens when we frequently post our links. Check with FB debugger for details.


Definitely FB doesn’t like anything that takes people outside of FB!


What action to take to re-enable the site on Facebook Again?
Can anyone support me?


Same happened with me with my other blog. Fb simply hates bloggers who want to take away their audience.

This usually happens if we post too many links


Nothing! If it’s banned, it’s banned.


Post short urls :smiley:


Facebook is smart. They easily detect redirect.


Will they ban short url providers too?


In first place, they won’t allow sharing.

Second, some short URL providers are also blocked.


I was also blocked once for posting then I followed the link advised by facebook and fill up the form for not violating it’s condition. Then I got it back. That’s it