Received a request for tool review


Hi All,

I received a request from someone for tools/software review on my site.

What should I charge?
Shall I take it guest post.

Can anyone share experience?

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The best is if it is a paid tool ask them for a free paid membership/plan.

BTW I would not recommend charging for it. You can though ask for a special discount code exclusive for your visitors and yeah if they do have an affiliate program you can make some bucks too.

Issue is if you will charge they will expect some special favour from you in review which will not keep it as unbiased as it should be



You should opt for charging the client if the software has a paid/pro plan/version. You can charge as low as $30 or as much as hundreds if you receive significant traffic.

The amount of money depends on the traffic and the goodwill/monetary value of the company which owns the product.

Avoid affiliate idea because you never know if or when anyone will purchase the product through your link. You get paid for publishing article and it doesn’t matter if the company mints money through your review or not.

Try to nofollow links.

The brand will most likely not ask you to do a biased review/article. If it is a guest post written by them, you can make changes to it on the basis of the user reviews available on the internet. A little bit of edit here and there could reduce biasedness.

If the client isn’t ready to pay anything, reject them.


I will prefer to charge them, cause my site is not built for affiliate. The amount is depended on my traffic and mind set.