Received Tip From A Fiverr Client

I am a part of this forum from beginning. I learned a lot of things from forum members. I am really thankful to you all, you guys added a lot of value to my life.

You guys even helped me to decide the path of my life. Thanks for all that.

Caution: Boring stuff ahead

Let me get to the point, I got inspiration from a former member of HGK to join Fiverr as he was doing good. But also read about many bad experiences from other forum members. How their clients force to do more work and didn’t want to pay and Fiverr do not support and all.

I joined Fiverr with a lot of excitement as this was my first time trying out freelancing on a dedicated platform. I was ready with my 3-4 gigs created in my account, waited for 2 weeks no order was placed and then I tried to offer my services here at HGK. Few people approached me and I asked them to buy my GIG on Fiverr so I can get some initial push.

As per my request, they bought my sevices through Fiverr and now I have 4-5 clients on Fiverr of my own and got five start on all of them. Waited for more 2 weeks and the dumped the idea of using any Freelancing platform.

After all of this happened, I wanted to build my own brand for offering all the services of my own. I ask 2-3 people who are highly skilled in their field(Android Dev, Content writing etc ) to join me as a team and work under a brand name.

We started and got very good and long term clients and also few small clients. As of now everything is going smoothly and we are doing good and also planning to expand the type of services we offer.

Now, this is an incident of few days ago, one of the forum member hired me for some work and I delivered it and after that I was thinking to why no try Fiverr again and then I thought our Forum Leader @GulshanKumar Bhaiya is doing awesome with Fiverr let’s grab some mantras from him.

I asked him about my experiences with Fiverr and how i can improve it to get it work. He told me to create max amount of Gigs allowed with the skills you have and define your service in detail.

I did the same and then next day of creating the gigs something happened that never happened before on Fiverr with me. I got hired for some custom work. I started working on his project and finished it within 2 hours and after that he asked me to do some minor changes into the website and that’s it. The work is done now.

I gave him a few tips on how he can improve his website and write better content.

And He left a message “Thank You.”

I didn’t ask him to give “5 Star Rating” or anything like that.

Then a message pops up, Mr. XYZ left a tip for you, at first I thought he might be written something for you (A tip is like Advise).

When I checked that order invoice then I noticed that what a Tip means on Fiverr. It was my first Gig sale and getting a tip on first order made me so happy. It wasn’t about the amount but the happiness that I got through it.

I learned a few things from this incident:

  1. Always be nice to everyone, there’s nothing you’re going to get from being arrogant
  2. It’s okay, if someone asks you for additional help. Just help him/her without expectations.
  3. Always use Payoneer instead of PayPal😅

Thanks for reading. :slight_smile:


A few more things what I felt

  • being more online (especially at night, but better not sacrifice health) at Fiverr can bring better result
  • if you go outside, always carry portable device because you need to deliver work on time.
  • use fiverr app in mobile, responding quickly can turn 90% better result than responding after 30 mins or hour.

Please Add your Fiverr link too in this post.

DM me, if you want. i think its not allowed to share link here

Congrats, Abhishek! I’m level 1 seller on Fiverr. I was also so happy when I first received a tip!