Recommend some good affiliate link cloacking plugins

I am beginning with Affiliate Marketing, can you guys recommend me some good affiliate plugins as well as link cloacking plugins

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I have seen many recommending Thirsty Affiliate for link cloaking.

If free:- Prettylink does the job
Paid:- Thirstyaffiliate.

It would be better to go with one such plugin moving forward for any blog. This way we neednot go to all post and change links if some other affiliate program changes or remove their affiliate programs. Makes life easier in the longrun.

Alternatively, use Affiliate Links Lite

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I have been using Pretty Links.

How is this different from thirsty affiliates

Where to put all these files and How I can get a menu to create these affiliate links.

The code have fopen() function that points to redirect.txt file. That means, I manually need to put all those links in that format.

rehub clock affiliate link plugin

Affiliate links lite