Recovered Lost Disk Data Without Formatting

I was using DISKPART command for my pen drive.

I selected wrong disk and typed CLEAN command for my hard Disk instead for pen drive. :fearful:


  • My D Drive became unallocated.

  • I assign letter but that was not helpful. It was asking me to do format which was out of scope.

  • This way lost around 2.77 MB important data from the Disk.


Long story short, I did a lot of YouTube search but it was not helpful.

Finally …

I tried Drill Recovery Software and it listed all files with option to preview.

After a while, I realized this software offer 500MB free recovery which I felt sufficient.

I selected few important files and recovered to a safe location.

I am really thankful that Drill helped me.


  • Keep daily use important file online in sync.

  • You learned how to recover data of disk without formatting

  • Be careful while typing anything in the CLI.

  • Maintain the regular backup for important files.

Thanks for reading


The software was amazing, it even shows the preview before downloading any files and folders

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Because, it doesn’t ask for confirmation no warning.