Reddit/Forum links for SEO. A Big No!

If you’re someone who is posting links in subreddits and forums as a part of your link building strategy. Just stop.

John Mueller, Google’s search advocate recently disclosed that Reddit/Forum links have no use for SEO.

A user on r/SEO, asked “Is Forum Posting Still Work As Link Building Method in SEO?”. To which John Mueller replied “No.”

However, if you’re posting links that are relevant to the forum and it’s allowed then it can be a good source of direct traffic.

Reddit Thread

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The things Google say, the result which we see by doing practical - both are much different.


Just do the opposite of what John Mueller said.

And let me know after 6 month. :grin:

Note: Make backlinks regularly & consistently. It’s my experience.

But how to do that?


my experience same

Create backlinks without falling into trouble in future

  • Make sure the site is active and having regular traffic
  • Don’t make links from the sites which violates webmaster guidelines (ex: adult sites, Spam redirect sites etc)

According to me, make backlinks on high-quality sites likes Reddit, Facebook, Tumblr etc. These sites give high-quality traffic to your website.

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