Redirect to Download Page Thoughts

Suppose you want to download Netflix but not from Play Store but from an external website.

Now, I am giving you a website which is good with speed and everything and when you click on download button you will be redirected to a different page where you will see a text

If the download doesn’t start automatically in a few seconds, please click here to access the download URL directly.

Now, at the homepage, you don’t find a direct link to download the app but you see a download page where you will see a direct download link and automatic redirect to download the file and he needs to wait 3.5 seconds to download the app.

How is this according to you from user point of view?

Let me tell you something my bounce rate is pretty high and that is 74% and it’s a single page website.

Will this affect my SEO or will people bounce from my website? I also wanted to ask how to stop people from direct access to that download page.

If there is something like direct access not allowed to that page or we can try if you want to access that page you can access it from a particular URL and that is from the homepage.

What do you think about this approach and please share your thoughts about it?

Well, for starters, the page is 30 miles long and I had to scroll back and forth thrice to find the download link. And you need a magnifying glass to figure out which is the download link. Phew! Bad user experience.

How about using a button for the download link, after all that’s what the user visits that page for? And placing that button under a heading that says ‘Download YoWhatsApp’?


I would have huge respect for a site that simply show “Download now” instead of redirecting from A to B to C to D and end up with a package installer comes with many things.

Which one do you think user would love to use and recommend others?

  • One to maximum two clicks
  • Puzzle redirection chain

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Thank you for your feedback.

I will be adding a button and a different page where you will see the text saying redirect will start in few seconds and boom the download is started.

Here the communication to a user is just 2 pages. Clicking on the download button and then to a different page where it says download will start in few seconds.

That is how everything is working here.

I have seen a lot of websites doing this and today I saw a significant improvement in the bounce rate and that is from 74% to 43%

I think this is a good approach.

Hey Abhijeet,

Trust me this is easy if you are using Genesis.

There is an option of adding a scripts and you can place the JavaScript and then you are good to go.

You can place this code in your page.

You can change 4.5 seconds is 4500 in this code.

Yeah but it requires download pages to be created manually

This was the most one-sided poll ever. :stuck_out_tongue: :rofl: :rofl:
Don’t mind… but user would never want to get a file after puzzle redirection chain.

From a blogger’s perspective, it’s a chain full of ads and money…

Puzzle redirection chain remind me early days when sometime I was using [site name removed] based downloading site. Also, similar experience I see on some popular Software downloading websites. Even those rank #1 in SERPs, I am afraid, I will not click it.

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I think the method which he is using is shady and we shouldn’t be trying this method to make user download theme.

I always give more preference to user experience instead of trying this shady tricks.

I wanted to try something like ApkMirror

There are a lot of websites even now who tries this method but I wanted to try something like ApkMirror which allows users to download the app in just one click and wanted to show them ads.

I cant see any shady tricks on that website :roll_eyes:

When you click on “Download from Google Drive” button on that site, it redirects to a dummy place holder site with Adsense ads and doesn’t actually goes to the download page. From that dummy place holder page, you again need to (find and) click the “Continue” button to go to actual download page.

Technically, nothing wrong there. But it sure as heck is shady.

1 Like has a pretty decent implementation for downloading files. For example, try the below link:

It doesn’t redirect to a placeholder domain, rather, simply a download page. And there are no misleading ads either. And an important thing is, this second download page we are being redirected to, is not indexed. Only the main downloads page (the first one) is visible to search engines. This is similar to what APKMIRROR has implemented.

When we click on the direct download button, it simply opens another instance of the same page. :confused:

Puzzle download change is good for :dollar:

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Book Title: How to alienate the users and drive them away from your site.

Chapter 1: Infinite Puzzled Download Redirects

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Seriously? Lol. You might want to check out Softpedia and APKMirror.

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I don’t know about others but if I am looking to download some free thing like a book/game/music etc., I am fine with everything as long as they give the download link at the end.


Not sure about softpedia, but apkmirror implementation is pretty solid I’d say