Regarding AdSense Account Termination


Hi folks,

Let’s say that I have 2 verified sites (A and B) in my Google AdSense account. Now, for some reasons AdSense bans the site A but nothing is wrong with site B.

Now, what will happen? Will the ban on site A affect site B, too. ie, Will the AdSense Account itself get banned or only the site A will be affected?

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Ads on site a and b are served from the same adsense account.

So if it is a site ban, then that site wont be able to serve adsense ads. Other sites in the same adsense account will be able to serve adsense ads.
If it is account level ban, then both sites wont be able to serve adsense ads.

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What will lead to account level Ban? Is it like involving in Click for Click and other malpractices, right?


Yes. Malpractices or misuse of adsense on say - porn sites or so.

Basically if u are doing anything which comes under google purview as a “Helpful site” then u need not worry.

People think sex is a taboo for google. But its not so. Otherwise a site like Cosmopolitan wont have google ads.


Okay, Thanks You


Any type of invalid activity like invalid clicks, indifferent ad placements and a lot of other things that can lead to account ban

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Do website content lead to account level ban?


Yes. If your content is copied from another websites. Adsense will ban you

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