Regarding bounce rate? Can this trick work?

I was just going through some useful videos while i landed on this.

Please check onwards 6:00min for actual info on how it is done.
Do you think, it really works? Is it legit? What can be its side effect?
I definitely understand, its for us to get the exact data, it wont actually reduce the bounce rate until people stick to the site, but can definitely give some good metrix to play with.


You want to fake bounce rate? It’s easy!

  • use Google analytics script two times
  • enable event tracking also

Now, see what happens!

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No, i dont want to fake bounce rate, the problem is if a user comes to a page via organic, doesnot click on other link and bounce off then the analytics show 0 sec time on page, until and unless i know if user spend 1 min two min or 0 actually how can we optimise the same?
This way we can know actually what is my onpage time, thus optimise necesary pages accordingly.
got my point?

You can try custom bounce rate with 30 seconds. If user will wait for 30 seconds, it wont be considered as bounce rate. You can easily do via CAOS plugin.

Zero Bounce Rate plugin was real and it did manipulate Google results.

However, it’s going to die.

Zero Bounce Rate plugin not only made scores look better on Analytics, but also improved ranking.

Its not a zero bounce rate plugin, its a script that fires every 30sec or time you set to check if user is active or not. From what i have researched, it basically helps in determining the correct data of user time on page and average session duration.
It also doesn’t effect the actual ranking as we are not doing any shitty redirects or something else, user will not see anything different in frontend, as it works on backend only.
The problem i can see is with lots of traffic it may strain the server. Not sure though.

You shouldn’t really bother about the bounce rate displayed on Analytics. It uses the standard way to analyze and that’s what the advertisers believe in.

This script/plugin isn’t very accurate either.