Regarding Google AdSense Approval

Google AdSense ran well on the old domain name (
But the new domain ( is not getting approved.

While I am adding it by doing the same old-method ‘add site’.
Can you help?

What is daily page views on this site?

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Currently one of my running blog is pending for approval from a week. Daily pageviews is 100+


Ji ye to forum site hai. lagta nahi ki Google AdSense approval dega. Apki kya rai hai @GulshanKumar?

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Its user generated content, Please first make a blog on this and get approval and move forum to another sub directory or sub domain

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Sorry, I wasn’t able to reply here somehow. Perhaps may be my notifs from this site were somehow missed.

But my forum/site has been approved. I think either my repeated tries helped (as GASense was saying ‘due to covid-19 we couldn’t process your request’, and I kept re-trying).

Or may be Gulshan Kumar’s advice (which he gave to me in some msgs) regarding some minor modifications regarding sites plugins, worked.

I don’t know for sure, which of the two.
But its ok now.

Earlier in Hindi: सॉरी, की मैं बाद में जबाब नहीं दे पाया। वेरी सॉरी। कहीं नोटिफस मिस हों गईं।
लेकिन मेरा फोरम/साइट अप्रूव हो गया है। बार बार कोशिश करने से आखिर अपरोव हो गया। मे बी की वो कोविड के कारण नहीं प्रोसेस हो पा रहा था।


Good to know. It’s approved now.

A kind request: Please use English language.

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