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I am writing an article for my new blog. When I checked for plagiarism using an online tool, it showing contents of an article from my other blog. But that blog is totally down now. should I worry about it or what steps should I take to make it right. Also how much percentage plagiarism is accepted in an article. Also how to deindex my old blog from google search.

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Hello Sham,

Please feel free to ignore it. If that blog is already down, there shouldn’t be any affect.

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Thanks, Gulshan…:pray:

You are welcome dear!

Hi Gulshan,
One more question, the online tool also suggests about nearly to 2% to 5% plagiarism from other sites. My article is about nearly 2500 to 3000 words. Should I try to rewrite those 5% content or I shouldn’t worry about it?

Thanks in Advance

I would be happy to look into it. Can you please share a link of that report?


I am using the to check for plagiarism. It is allowing me to check only 1000 words at a time and not giving the option to download a report. Kindly suggest some best free online tool to generate a report for my article.

Hello, @ShamSundar Welcome to Gulshan Forum,
You can try SmallSEOTools’s Plagiarism Checker also
Plagiarism Checker - A Free Online Plagiarism Detector


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