Regarding Prebid Advertising

I saw some websites which using Prebid. Like

Does anyone know about this or use this?

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Prebid is an open-source header bidding technology that allows multiple ad networks to compete for the Ad space on your website. If you are a small publisher then you should avoid setting up prebid yourself and instead look for vendor that offers the service in return for a revenue split.

The easiest to get started with header bidding would be using Ezoic which uses prebid as well as their own black box system to increase ad revenue.

I am using NitroPay because I like its reporting dashboard and friendly customer support.

In the end, most header bidding networks uses almost the same demand from AdX, Index, Rubicon so it’s up to you to decide which one to go with.

I like networks which takes 20% revenue split, has a good reporting dashboard, Net30 payout terms, and good customer support.


Thanks a lot for that such kind of information. do you recommended to setup prebid on 3M+ traffic website? if you recommend someone to setup this.

Used Ezoic, but have such a bad experience with website speed.

How about your experience with NitroPay? What about EPMV for Indian visitors?

No, 3M+ is still not enough traffic to open accounts with major Ad exchanges so it doesn’t make sense to invest in setting up prebid.

You will experience small speed issues with any header bidding setup. I also had a problem with Ezoic for loading way too many external scripts and some of them were not even compressed.

EPMV/RPM is hard to comment on because CPM rates depend on viewability and the website’s niche. Advertisers usually target websites based on historic data of viewable impressions. If your ad placement have high viewability then you can expect better CPMs.

Advertisers also use third-party services like DoubleVerify that checks your website for potential non-ad friendly content or not suitable website niche which may also affect CPMs.

These are things I look in potential partner but I forgot to mention that you should also avoid any network that will force you into a contract.

Here is a list of header bidding networks I have heard good things about:

  • Yieldbird
  • Freestar
  • Sortable
  • MonetizeMore

is they slow down website like ezoic?

Can you tell me some ad networks which not using Header Bidding?

Not bad as Ezoic.

Here’s a list of demand partners created by r/adops which might help you find genuine networks.