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I have a new blog on siteground, i was checking its data speed on ( gtmetrix and found its compression error or something, my question is should i use some chaching plugin except whats given by siteground itself. i guess using wp fastest cache would help me gzip and speed up more?


yes… u should use caching plugin…

wp fastest cache is good…


i want to fix the following errors could someone help me.
i am already using a cloudfare cdn then why its not showing up?
also how to fix rest of these erros?


wont that clash with siteground inbuilt caching plugin?
we are not suppose to use 2 plugin for same thing right?


If u are using adsense, u will never satisfy YSLOW. Your fully loaded time is good.

Add expires header - cant do in adsense
Fewer http requests- 52 is already low for a complete page load. Can be even lower but then it will affect website looks and usability.
Reduce dns lookups - U need to look at external domain requests on every page load. Other then analytics and adsense, there shouldnt be any other. Even for gravatar there is a plugin know nas FV gravatar cache.
Minify javascript and CSS - Not required if u are on SSL connection.

The most critical thing in this setup is to have a CDN. Especially if u are targeting global traffic.

Use a CDN and ur score will dramatically improve. and if using adsense, forget YSLOW> it will never give u a good score.


On Siteground, I would recommend using its official cache plugin. As it can help in doing server side cache, purge on the time.

I see you mentioned already using Cloudflare, I am 100% sure it does GZIP compression itself for your domain. It cannot do for the third party domain. So, chances are you might have some. Third party domain request. Removing completely is only an option.


i have a domain from namecheap and hosting from siteground, is it the reason why its not working sir?