Remove these redirect chains

Hello guys,

I am using adsense on my blog and while checking speed in gt metrix I am getting minimize redirect chains. When I click that I see a lot of redirect chains but the problem is that I am not able to remove it.

So I searched in google forums and someone said that these are because you are using google ads. I disable all the ads then those errors were gone. But when implemented ads again they reoccoured.

But I see my competitors are also using google ads but these redirects chains doesn’t appear in their website please help. I am attaching the screenshot of the redirect chain from gtmetrix.

Please help guys.

Ads differ from user to user and time to time. It is possible that when you checked the ad being served had those issues. As far as i have understand this issue is dynamic.
Also, please be aware that ad is going to slow down your site and create thes issues. But then it will not hurt you.
Stop overthinking.
Start working.
All these technical stuff are 10% of what will make the site successful, the 90% is good content, updated content and more content and more content. That’s what bring traffic and tjats where your 90% concern be.

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yes buddy I know that but If I can remove that I will make me feel good. since in all my blogs these chains appear.

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I dont think its worth it. Also these are 3rd party things and i don’t think we have any control on it.
I dont like and use adsense much so i think an expert would be in better position to answer the same.

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Really, This is something you cannot control except removing altogether. If you want to make decent money with advt as usual, then best option is simply ignoring that message.

GTmetrix also says, not all recommendations applies. Keep calm! :blush:

If you’re still looking for some odd solution, try lazy load. Practically it may hurt 30% impressions but you can have better grade for a moment.

Thanks buddy…