Removing AMP from website not working


I was using AMP with newspaper theme (which uses AMP for WP official plugin). This created pages with /?amp/ rather than /amp/ in my amp versions of posts. I have now decided to completely remove AMP from my website. I am trying to use your redirection code in my .htaccess file but it works only for /amp/ and not /?amp. I am stuck

Can you help me?

My website :

May I know, what is the reason for do so?

This should work for all posts

  1. Install and activate “Redirection” plugin.

  2. There you need to create a Redirect rule with RegEx to match Query string and redirect to the corresponding canonical links.





I am getting a lot of amp errors and also now I think it is unfair for google to just put amp of websites and try to eat away their revenue on which they are working hard.

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Thanks Gulshan… this works

Good to know. You’re welcome!

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