Removing Date in Serp

How do i remove the date?
Is there any plugin for it? i just couldnt seem to find the right key words for that plugin in Google.
It seems that having no date will boost SEO for the recent update.

Thank You

Yoast SEO Plugin has that feature (If you are using it)

Wp old post date remover

really? i am using premium. couldnt find in any setting

Plugin does not deal with SERPs at all, it is designed for humans who land on your site directly to not be distracted by a date.

I have used the plugin a long time ago.
Try the one founded by prasad kipekar.
My current theme has that functionality built in so I haven’t used one for years now!

May i know the theme name bro?

Type wp date remover and see the one made by prasad kipekar.

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In the yoast plugin too there is an option to. Hide date in google serp