Reply of AdSense at Current Time

Have anyone received any reply from last 2 weeks from AdSense?
It may be yes or no but please share. I have applied for an AdSense account approximately more than 1 week ago. But still there is no reply from them.

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There can be some delay because of Corona pandemic because I received AdSense verification after 4 months!

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I’m asking for site approval email not verification. The funny thing is my verification is already done but account isn’t approved yet.

I know that, I just mean to say that you have to wait little bit more, nothing is working normal, each and every company is working with less staff

Got approval within 24 hours during this COVID-19

Now wait for the 10$ and don’t forget to update us in how many days you get a verification code.
I got in 4 Months & have applied ones only for verification code.

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have u reapplied for it?

what happened to this?

@Rohan_Kumar I can’t understand what you want to mean? Can You please elaborate?

I have sloved the question of @Rohan_Kumar in DM.

Here is a another thing that proves Google AdSense has really no sense.

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Hello All,

I found using the “add site” button from existing Google Adsense Account is more convincing rather than using fresh Google Adsense Account…

You have to use ti because Google AdSense Rule is 1 Person=1 Adsense=Unlimited Sites He/She can add.

Sent by Google on 7th September 2020
Received Today just 5 mins ago from this post time.

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