Request for site review

hey !!, anyone can give me review or suggestion on my website because it is completely new,
this website is made by me and it took my 45 days with learning period to websites development,

I want to know which kind of facilities are required which are not on this website.
please suggest me


(admin: this is not spamming kindly please not remove)

  • Top menu is not needed, that can be moved to footer.

  • You can include few small ad unit between Shayari, and remove continuous advt from the footer.

  • Sharing buttons are useful. WhatsApp share button text should be in the white colour over green background.

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@GulshanKumar Thank You

You’re welcome!

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Change your Blogspot theme to Masign Clean Lite

That’s a great theme

Demo :

Download :


Thanks a lot :smile: I will try to improve my website.

Excellent design

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Is this site hosted in blogspot?

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Yes, you’re right this site is hosted on Google’s BlogSpot Platform.