Review my new site

(sushil pandey) #1

Hey Guy i am back here after 2 or 3 month as i was busy with my website now i need you awesome guys review my site if possible and you may list your blog/website/business… Cant wait to hear your precise comments

Still site is under-construction

(Spider-man of the forum) #2

Footer looks scammy.

(sushil pandey) #3

Sorry, still working adding some links there


Welcome back! :slight_smile:

It can be improved.

  • Get a logo
  • Fix search icon
  • Replace Admin Author name to something meaninful or just hide it.

(sushil pandey) #5

Can you please elaborate about search icon?


Have a look!

(Spider-man of the forum) #7

It looks like an imported theme demo.

(sushil pandey) #9



I found the homepage UI really bad. Not completely mobile friendly menu icon is not in place.
Apart from font I didn’t liked anything.

Ps - checked from mobile only

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  1. Get a SSL certificate
  2. Under the section What do you need to find? I think,
  • Content writing must be replaced with Content writers
  • Programming with Programmers

and same way for other jobs too where needed.

  1. I donot think ads suits as well as helps at such sites. So better remove them


Concerning user privacy, some response has been removed.

(Bhupendra Singh Lodhi) #15

Hello sir,
Your new website looking beautiful.

You need to Remove footer credit or edit it with your own copyright

(Abhishek Pathak) #18

Like you said, the website is incomplete, so no issues with content and some fixes to be done here and there.

What concerns me the most is, are you gonna make a platform like Upwork (of course for virtual assistants by the name). Do you think WordPress will be a good choice?

(sushil pandey) #19

Well my motive to make a platform for Individual professional like Indiamart and just for Indians…

(sushil pandey) #20

This is just demo! If i get some positive response, i’ll turn this theme into professional theme from themeforest