Reviving Old social media accounts vs creating new ones?

So a few years back (2015) I created social media accounts for my website, just to reserve username matching with my domain name. I haven’t posted anything on social media except for a few random posts in 2015.

Now I actually started blogging last year and I am still sharing posts from my personal account not the ones that I created above. So is it a good idea to post from the account which was inactive for about 5 years or create new ones for them?

Social media accounts are on: Reddit, Insta, Twitter

You can do anything with social media accounts because they are under your control.
But you can’t transfer all of your existing fans/followers if create a new one.

Sorry for half info, I don’t want to transfer followers and I don’t have any!

You can continue with exact match username and consistently use it everywhere.

I think just sharing links of your blog won’t help you to grow on social media. You need to create content specific to your social media account then people will start following you, rather than just sharing links.

By understanding this I have started to add motivational contents, designed by using Canva.
Any Social media expert or influencer tell me, am I doing good nor not?

(NOTE: This is NOT for promotional purpose. If need to remove it just drop a line below.)

Profile looks good.

But your Instagram bio doesn’t reflect your 3+ years mentioned experience and it could be improved.

And as a web developer or digital marketer, it makes no sense to post motivational content… Unless you are just posting casually without any expected results.

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Thanks @Saksham for this valuable feedback. I have made some changes, kindly have a look.

So you’re a…

  • Web developer
  • YouTuber
  • Blogger
  • Digital marketing writer
  • Best rated freelancer
  • and Founder of India’s leading IT Solutions Services & Business Consultancy Company.

Nice!! :ok_hand:

My suggestion from my 3+ years freelancing experience is to focus on 1 to 2 primary skills and then provide other skills as a complimentary service once you get clients. You can charge very high rates with this approach.

And it’s not necessary to mention everything you do.

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I only mention Web Developer. When client give me work, I also design their logo, do SEO and setup social media and Facebook & Google Ads.

And charge additionally per service. :grin:

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Hidden Talented person,

but what’s wrong with your Linkedin profile?