Rocket Loader

(Serdar) #1


Why most of people don’t prefer using Cloudflare’s Rocket Loader feature?

I think it is very good option.


It’s heavy script which load in the head. Then it makes AdSense loading super slow if not overidden by one.

(Serdar) #3

Yes it is not good option for Adsense or Analytics.
But it is 3kb only and save blogs from jquery.js which load in the head. (32kb minimum)

Otherwise, if we defer jquery.js without Rocket loader, it can cause js errors.


Nope! :roll_eyes:

Can you share a screenshot if you are using it? I dont see anyone using it.

Potentially it can break any site.

For example, Discourse this forum frontend is mostly based on JavaScripts. I cannot use here.

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Okay! May be it has improved a lot.

Before when it was in the Beta version, as per that I said.

Thanks for correcting. I will try it again!

(Serdar) #7

We should note that for other visitors; The rocket loader will break the Google Analytics results.

You’re welcome bro.


This would be helpful to override certain script.

 <script data-cfasync="false" src="/example-javascript.js"></script>      

(Ajay Malik) #9

This features is great invention, it don’t even differ external script as well as inline script. Javascript prevent browser from loading html and css. so it load all js when whole page is loaded (HTML and CSS) and Now cloudflare place in very bottom of page before your closing body tag.
I recommend you to use this feature. if it causing problem you can prevent some script from using it