Search Console Shows Posts on Google but not found

Hi Guys,

My website is 4 months old and I’ve 62 posts but only 23 posts are showing on Google when I enter site:

I used GSC to check whether the posts are indexed or not but it shows the posts are indexed and available on Google but when I enter site: that particular post is not available on Google.

In this case, what can I do?

Should I gain trust/authority to the domain by building links in this case?


GSC doesn’t show real-time report and maybe you’re targeting average to high competition keywords that’s why your competitors are ranking before you.
Regarding the index process Better suggestion can be given by @AbhishekVerma

Search your site like this

Does it appear now?

It’s appearing using inurl: whereas using site: its not appearing.

Check one by adding the site URL in a double inverted comma like this "" and search.

Appearing bro within double quotes but not using site:

That means your site is indexing .

Yeah, its indexing but if we enter site: the same URL is not appearing.

So, little worried. Do you think its due to the age of the website?

@Prabhu if you’re comfortable can you share the url in personal message.