Select property type In google search Console

After 1 year i am using new Google Search Console, so I bit confused with it while adding New Domain.
While adding new domain I see two option Domain & URL Prefix .

so which should i choose while adding this type domain? Also, note I have a plan to create this domain subdomain so which should I choose?

Any Search Console Expert put your thoughts here?

One domain can be used for variety of propose under various subdomain, root domain or subfolder.

I would recommend using both, going with URL prefix and also domain level.

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I am using new Domain first option. Makes life easier. Don’t have to add separate 4 properties.

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Use the second option. It is easier to verify if you are using plugins like Yoast SEO, Rank Brain, etc.

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If you use domain level option, you do not get access to all tools ( especially legacy tools like URL remover ).

So you should use second one

Old search console no longer exist. In new, you can find related tools.



Yeah I know. But all these tools from old console are not accessible if you have a domain property added

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I am using domain option and I have all the tools.

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Are they opening when you click on them ?

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When I click legacy menu, Domain property returns that error. It works for URL prefix by redirecting to the old search console interface.

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Yes you are right. It does give me the same error. I am using domain level on my new domain so never used those tools.

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I am using domain for my blog, and it is working fine.