SEO disadvantage in Using DMCA Ignored Hosting

I’ve found a hosting provider which provides highly-affordable plans with attractive features and configurations. But the problem is that the provider is DMCA ignored and I’m afraid that if it could hurt my rankings down the road (I’m not hosting any copyrighted content, so don’t get me wrong :smile:).

I’ve personally tested their service (by making some test websites) and it really charms.

Please, guys, help me. I really wanna switch my current hosting provider, which really sucks.

I am using a DMCA ignored hosting and my website is doing quite well. Using DMCA free hosting does not mean that you the site owner should also ignore DMCA report. If you get any report delete them and try to be on the safe side.

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What hosting are you using?

Currently I am using Hostgator, which is total crap (slow as hell). And now I wanna use Flaunt7. I am using one of their shared hosting plan (not using my main website, but a test website). And surprisingly, it loads incredibly fast, as well as the dashboard.

My concern is that I wanna move a legal site to a DMCA ignored hosting.

Check out their plans:

I am using the $3.99 plan.

I am using and they have been really good so far. Always helping me with everything related to wordpress even other things such as setting up cloudflare.


That’s nice. I want to move to a dmca ignored hosting too.