SEO for a download site?

Do you think longer content is necessary for a download site?

Because if a user is looking to download something, he/she sure already has the information about it.

Instead, do you think creating a good user experience with easy downloading would be a key to rank higher for such sites?

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I think long form content does help. Atleast go for 1250 words or so!
But anyways why do you want to build a download site?
If you want to do real blogging and make a business out for it. Go for a legit long term strategy
I personally feel event blogging, download sites etc doesn’t even makes sense and in most cases are copyright violated and illegal as well.
Why not put same effort to build a good helpful site that grows overtime, becomes a stable source of income. No point in building a business for years which google can kill anytime.


Keep download button at top, write for ranking a little below the fold. :wink:

Thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

As a user would you really care about the long content if you came to the site to just download what you are looking for.

Yeah but just because i mentioned download site it does not mean it will always be an illegal site.

Thanks for the tip though :smiley:

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I guess not always but in most cases they are. Movies, songs, books, games etc. are most common ones.
You can make a legit one if you own something or create some courses and stuff which you then sell online. except that i haven’t yet seen a legit one!

Yes, but i was talking about sites like apkpure, apkcombo etc.

See. there is a simple thing with blog. If your content adds value to the user then its a great thing. But something like music download, app download will surely perish overtime.
Instead add tricks of apps or something unique which normal user didnt knew. You can find new app that do amazing stuff and it will surely be more valuable than just a download thing. As you see the google trends moving in 2020.
Anyways all the best! Hope you do great!

Yes that is also a good idea, thanks for your help :slight_smile:

200-300 words description about it is more than enough. The focus of the page is downloadable content, so you shouldn’t put 1000 words and confuse both users and Google.

Look what APKMirror is doing.

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Apkmirror, apkpure and many other similar sites copy the same description, won’t that be considered as dupicate content? Especially for a new site, or is it okay for a download site because the goal is to provide easy downloads.

Both copy the description from Play Store, but they are old and authority site, so it’s fine and they can rank, but a new site won’t.

Exactly i was wondering that. Unless you had tons of good backlinks then you would.

I think 300 word description about the game would be enough as you suggested.

Also how would you build links for such sites?

Paid links or if you want to get links for free then you can create a few pages specifically to get links through outreach.

Thanks, Paid links can never be trusted. They might remove it after few months better just get them through outreach.

I had bought some links on news sites which were google approved but after around 6 months they were removed, waste of money totally lol.