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SEO For Single Page Websites

Hello Together,

I would like to create a single page calculator website.

For Example, Ad revenue calculator based on Views and RPM at the domain

How can I do SEO for this?

Should I build a blog around it to bring traffic?

Please help.

  1. Maintain 100% uptime. Use Cloudflare Cache Everything. Score 100/100 in PageSpeed (If possible)
  2. Use JavaScript client side programming instead server side mechanism for calculcation, as it can be faster, reliable.
  3. Follow all basic SEO checklist according to ScreamingFrog.
  4. Keep page lightweight.
  5. Add content in About, FAQs wherever feels appropriate for users.
  6. Ask your friends to share in their circle. Use that link in your Twitter. Promote everywhere.
  7. Launch at ProductHunt
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Create informative content beneath the calculator and let users scroll through. Write a few blog posts to include more keywords that help search bots to understand your purpose. For Organic traffic, blogging is the viable method. As an alternative, we can run PPC.

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