Seo Mythbusters

I think everyone should watch this series.
Also I love the way the google employee said at last, Just write good content! :wink:

Key takeaways

  1. Google bot works like a indexer which basically finds and index content where as there is other backend which processes looks for 200+signals and find the best result for the query.

  2. Google bot crawls different websites and webpages differently! Thats lefts me wondering do the frequency of we updating and posting new content affect it? And if the bot just indexes the content will that cause a change in rankings anytime soon.

  3. Links and all the funky tricks people try is something google is not looking for, they want pure,good quality content and thats it!
    What are your thoughts on the same!

  4. Dont try to trick the google bot playing with the ranking factors all the time, you may improve a ranking to certain extend but will lose the big game.


thanks @saurav_556 for sharing.

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Content always speak. I always focus on writing quality content to entertain my audience and do regular marketing activities. This day to day activities itself bringing me the desired results.

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Frequent update ~ Faster indexing.

I do agree. This generally happens at popular blogs and news website.

If content is King, links are soldiers. For long live, both are suppose to go together.

Just having ‘awesome content’ doesn’t mean everything

If user can’t consume it for any reason be it localization, user-experience, page speed, privacy, trust, etc that factors also need to consider.

#1. User-experience

  • How about having HTTPS, being cross-platform friendly (by mobile, OS)?
  • Many privacy concerned user prefer only HTTPS enabled site over HTTP. If you are still using HTTP, most likely they will take your site information as a huge grain of salt.

Tip: Improve Performance & Security using HSTS with HTTPS

#2 PageSpeed

Various studies itself speak …

Tip: Speed Up WordPress (Top 5 High Priority Tips)

#3. Localization

  • A website country version, Language version also matters.

  • It matters to cover wider audience, this is why Firefox, Facebook, Google interface comes in various languages.

Tip: WPML or PolyLang in WordPress can be used to target multiple regions around the globe.

etc . . .

Final words

In my opinion: Just content is not everything. Its representation matters. That’s why even WordPress is moving toward Gutenberg. Things are changing. Gone those days of plain text in HTML table. :stuck_out_tongue:

A visitor want interactive design which makes feel something is happening live in the real time.