[September 2018] Adsense Earnings and Reports

(Gaitonde) #1

September is here.
Start is bad, lets hope it turns out to be better than August.

(Anoop Kumar) #2

Me too

(Rohan) #3

Very Bad

(Ultra Noob) #4

I’ve made single digit only today :frowning:

(Sam Razzy) #5

Anyone facing problem with the Google analytics or is it just me…?

(Enjoy Your Life) #6

After finalizing August month earning clawback is only 0.633%. :slight_smile:

(Gaitonde) #7

Clawback at 1%

(Arshi) #8

0.5% clawback.


I also have the same clawback 0.63%

(Ultra Noob) #10

5% clawback :open_mouth:

(Prince) #11

1.3% clawback

(Rohan) #12

Another dead day , worst than aug :sob::sob::cry:

(madhu uray) #13

Yeah, I am getting page views to h/354657.html
I think it is a bug in google analytics.

(iqbal) #14

I am also getting page views from similar url. :stuck_out_tongue: Any Solutions ?

(Gaitonde) #15

That is spam traffic.
Even I am getting from some seoservice

(Gaitonde) #16

Unbelievable. I got just about 1%.
What trick you using?

(Ultra Noob) #17

dear i added one more ad unit to AMP page and that resulted in invalid clicks.

(Ultra Noob) #18

(Anoop Kumar) #19

Earning dropped in September :disappointed_relieved:

(Gaitonde) #20

Yes today RPM is low cant believe its my site :frowning:

CPC seems like I am running a bollywood gossip site.