[September 2018] Adsense Earnings and Reports

(Ultra Noob) #45

Because unsupported language, thin web page. You need real content.

Tip for advanced user: Make use of AdSense backup ad. Place Affiliate banner in a HTML web page and insert via AdSense dashboard, by editing Ad unit.

(Gaitonde) #47

What I can see is that you have more than 90% impressions from India and income is only .20$.
That means whether its Adsense or Adx, Indian traffic sucks.

(Ultra Noob) #48

That is Ad eCPM. The estimated revenue is $9.85. Please check again.

(Gaitonde) #49

My bad :stuck_out_tongue:

But check difference between Cannada and India.

(Prince) #51

Dont do it regularly. It is against AdSense policy. One day, Google will find it if it is regular click. It is like stealing from advertiser. The person who will get affected is not you, but the AdSense holder.


Oh my god!! :open_mouth:

(Prince) #55

It is bad for India. That means your cost of living is likely to increase. No use.

(Sajwal Pageni) #56

Me alone = $7.27
You all = $9.85


(Sajwal Pageni) #57

I am seeing credit card and house mortgages related ads these days

(Astro K Joseph) #58

BTW, The conversion rate which i got for the last AdSense payment is 70.38

(Sajwal Pageni) #60

As I had calculated infront of you last week.

I personally owe you $0.01.


Which bank you used?

(Rohan) #62


(Ultra Noob) #63

but this is today’s earning? and it’s only 12AM

(Rohan) #64

What about cpc bro … :sob::sob::sob:

(Rohan) #65

Generally when the day starts i get high cpc and then cpc decrease while day passes

(Ultra Noob) #66

that is because of the US traffic

(Astro K Joseph) #67

Canara Bank

(Gaitonde) #68

August was better than September?

  • Yes
  • No

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(iamUltraNoob) #69

Last 3 days were OKKK, today is bad