[September 2018] Adsense Earnings and Reports

(Sam Razzy) #70

Last 4 days is okay

(Ultra Noob) #71

The entire September is pathetic.

(Ultra Noob) #72

Traffic dropped here due to Labor day :confused:

(Ultra Noob) #75

Find how to hide real income and avoid GST reg here .

(applicable for Indians only).


Sad day for me. Adsense is bad. 0.4% ctr


Thanks @GulshanKumar for suggesting Exmarketplace adx. They shoiwng ads on my website and two days and the earnings is really good than that of Adsense.

(Prince) #78

Means how much? What percentage?

(Gaitonde) #79

Yes, I also applied today.
How many days they take to approve and what is RPM you getting and also CPC is how much?


Hello @laalsalaam, it’s three days for the complete process. Currently I am showing very few adx ads on my website for testing purpose. After one week, if I will get good results, then I will use it on a major way. Here is the report for two days and with two ad units on the posts which are not very much popular.

(Gaitonde) #81

Today CTR is really good for my website.
Its 1.15% compared to average .5%.

Is it because I applied for ADX :stuck_out_tongue:

Google is following us everywhere!!!


What does it mean ?


Does adx have link ad units too? What is your average cpc with adx?

(Koba) #84

It means, he applied for adx and google increased his ctr in adsense. It is his opinion

(Ultra Noob) #85

200 views from Australia, 3% CTR and $120 RPM. Around $20 earnings. How is this even possible :open_mouth:

(Ultra Noob) #86

It’s possible. Someone bought something from Amazon ad and that boosted the average CPC/RPM .

(Ultra Noob) #87

Good AdSense day :smiley:

(Enjoy Your Life) #88

Not too good, normal as all days.


Not Good… Low CPC! :sweat_smile: