September 2020 Google AdSense Earnings Report

Let’s discuss September 2020 AdSense earnings report.
This month stats (Mine)
Till 27th September 11.00 AM
Total Pageviews: 1.05lakh+
Page RPM: $1.18
Impressions: 4.5Lakh+
Clicks: 3.9K+

Summary: People no longer want to click on ads. :zipper_mouth_face:

Earning stats without telling actual earning?


Why do you want to know a poor person income :sneezing_face:

Everyone started with something!
None were able to go fulltime in a day!
And there is no point is making an income report without revealing the income.

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Btw move to ezoic or other network if you want to earn more.
Else monetize with other methods like ebooks, courses, affiliate etc.

Let see what are the performance of others in September 2020.

Here are my stats!

Total number of impression is approx 500k.

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Mediavine performs really well. No wonder it’s so difficult to get approval. Do you show their ads on all the posts?

You’re a good and helpful guy.

Yup. They need exclusive inventory. You cannot run 50-50 or something with them!

The approval is not so tough if you make the site right and have 50%+ US traffic. Just avoid controversial topics ans words like kill, hunt, gun etc. And you must be good to go!

It is his #HGK joining anniversary not a birthday.

Lol i made a boo boo.

We can’t even use affiliate with it?

You can use affiliate but not ither ad partner like ezoic allows.

Alright. So you use mediavine on one site or all of your sites?

Are you asking me @Arshi?

No no. I’m asking Saurabh.

Nope. I currently have my first site on there.
I am working on second and third right right now.

By the time they will be able to get into mediavine traffic thereshold(april-may 2021) i will take my first site to adthrive and take both of these into that as they allow additional site at 30k pv only.

So maybe i will skip mediavine next time. Let’s see how it works out!

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All the very best to you.

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Is this mediavine?