I am getting this error , when i contacted plugin author they said this =Session_start doesn’t work in your server. Please contact with the server administrator and show him(her) this attached error image:

I am using siteground hosting. I asked them but they are not suggesting any solution only saying this Contact plugin author as defect is in plugin


If u know FTP then first login to your site. Go to WP content >> Plugins >> FS-poster >>

Rename the FS-poster plugin to fs-poster-disabled

Make ur site live. Then do the error solving at a staging site.

My objective would be to first make site live. Then do the troubleshooting.

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my site is already live


And secondly - Use external services for this my friend. Why install a wordpress plugin for sharing to social networks. Keep ur database as free as u can.

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Which PHP version do you use? :thinking:




That’s good, I think but still try changing PHP version to 5.6 or 7.3


Hello! @akash369
Were you able to fix the problem?


Yes ,I contacted sitegroumd again ,they solved my problem.

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