Setup Ideas for Discourse Forum

Hello @GulshanKumarBro First of Thanks for this Awesome Community Forum Learn a lot of New things Here :slight_smile:

I Plan to Create a Discussion Forum for my Website
After a lot of research, I Endup with Discourse
I Noticed your Forum its Loading Fast and Clean UI

1 - Suggest Best Cloud VPS Provider for Discourse Forum also Which Plan is Suits for Discourse
2 - For Outgoing Email Which Service Provider you are using?
3 - What are the plugins you are using to Manage this Forum?


I am glad to hear you have selected Discourse. It’s definately best open source platform for discussion purposes site.

Similar to and, Discourse comes in two version. Self hosted and with managed Hosting. First option is cheaper, later one is costly.

Here I am using self hosted, open source version. Below are things behind the scene …

  1. Which hosting do I use?
  • Vultr, go for at least 2 GB RAM. (Recommended)

  • They offer faster CPU, and ticket support is also quick.

  • Another reliable option is Digital Ocean, latency and look wise good but very slow support and you may need at least 4 GB RAM (Yes, higher than 2 GB) here for smooth operation.

  • Alternative, I have tried GCP. Horrible experience.

  1. Which email Services do I use for outgoing emails?
  • I use Mailgun. If you need more reliability, go for AWS SES. It will cost approx few cents.

  • Email is critical. Must check IP address reputation.

  1. Which plugins do I use?
  • Discourse AdSense, Discourse Cakeday, Discourse affiliate, etc.

Another important thing …

  • Please always take regular backup. You may use AWS S3 for it.

  • Use Cloudflare for DNS for don’t ever consider its CDN for Discourse, it’s officially not recommended.


AWS S3 is good choice.
A better option for backup kind of stuff would be AWS Glacier. It’s much more cheaper.


Thanks for your Reply bro :100:

1 - Hosting - Vultr 2GB
2 - For Outgoing Emails - Mailgun
3 - backup - AWS S3

Thanks for your Suggestion and Clear Answers :slight_smile: bro

Everything is good, except Mailgun. They don’t provide any support. They close ticket without answering. So, use it at own risk.

Mailgun Support Review

Thanks bro
Then Let me check Amazon SES too

Hmm… that would be better.

Are they provide free service like mail chimp?

All requires Credit Card.

I don’t have. Then?

may not be reliable even if any provides …

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