Setup Lazy Load for Images to Make Your WordPress Site Faster




I have recently found an excellent plugin for the Lazy Loading that helps in loading images only when required.

No doubt, before this plugin - I have tried so many Lazy Load plugin but experience with this one was reliable.

You are just 2 steps away from making your WordPress blazing fast!

  1. Install and activate this plugin.
  2. Purge the Page Cache so changes can reflect globally.

Author: Jumedeen khan, Founder of SupportMeIndia.

Key Features

  • Improve page loading speed.
  • Reduce no. of HTTP requests.
  • Lazy load also working on mobiles.
  • Plugin used pure JS, no need of jQuery.
  • Plugin used only 506 bytes Javascript.
  • Plugin total size is less than 10kb .
  • No need configurations (Just activate, It’s Done!)
  • SEO friendly (search engine optimized).

I hope this helps. Do share your feedback or question if any you have.

Thanks & Regards,


Hi Gulshan,

Thanks for support our plugin, thanks again. I request to all, if you like this please submit a good review with maximum rating.


Hey bro you have proof that. you are good blogger as well as a good developer.

By the way what skill did you required to develop a WordPress plugin?


Some coding knowledge that I learn from online tutorials


Well deserved, you’re most welcome! :blush:


Thanks bro, it’s my pleasure.


Hmm promotion ???


Like many other DailyDose content, Just sharing an experience for the plugin that I am using. Happy to recommend. :blush:

Please be assured, I will never promote anything that will turn out to be a crap product/services but only what “I use myself” and “I believe helpful”. If you still have any query, you’re welcome to Flag the topic, am happy to follow-up.


Hi @GulshanKumar , @jdk.
I was facing a particular problem where edited posts were showing blank in post preview.

So I started disabling plugins one after another (and activating the previous one). I found that Lazy Loads for Images was causing this issue.

I’m using WP 5.0.3. Did anyone else face the same issue? Could please anyone confirm the same? If it’s not happening to others then there could be a compatibility issue with other plugins that I have installed.



Thanks for inform me, issue was fixed, now you can update plugin, enjoy.


We just love all your dose… but when the plugin owner commented over here, I thought this may be a request to promote. As a blogger, I too receive a lot of request to promote. So I thought this might be the same case.

No offense against plugin developer and my well trusted person Gulshan.