Shareasale best option to receive payment


Anyone here receiving payments from Shareasale?
It has no option of Paypal (Payonner is there but I donot want to create an account there)

  • Other options are Direct deposit and mailed check and wire transfer.

Which one should i opt for so I save the max and receive them fastly?


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Payoeer gives maximum exchange rates… around 68 while Paypal is giving 65.95 only :persevere:


Will that cheque work in India?


Hmm! I think need to make payonner then


Go with Payonner, to avoid much deduction charges.


Check via Postal Mail
Check via FedEx ($20)
Check via FedEx to Canada ($35)
Check via International FedEx ($55)

These are the 4 options out there for check. I think need to select postal mail one right?


Hmm I think I will got mail by check actually. I cannot wait for 15 days. I am in urgent need of money actually so need to go with payonner only


Hmm… They send on 20th. Even shopify also sends on 20. But 13 days after 20 will go on to next month :frowning:


Payoneer will take a week I think… 2 3 days in verifying documents and then in payment


I think it will be faster right? I had a PNB account and already 50$ more than minimum for wire


I love Payoneer bcoz of this but their UI is shit. Their site works like it is developed in 1990s. It is nearly impossible to use Payoneer to get payments from clients. :cry:


i wrote review of attracta, 17K views of my review but they didn’t give me premium account in giveaway.


I need to close my current account and open a new one. Will do it in next month so just donot want to connect anything new with this old account
So cashing out money from all affiliates…


yep :wink: