Shift from tag based to category structure

Hi. Looking for brainstorming and ideas. An old site has Blog posts indexed by Tags from day 1. Can u give me a process to change from tag based indexation to category based indexation for a mature site?

Just For example - Instead of Tag LINK BUILDING being indexed, i want the category SEO > LINK BUILDING being indexed.

If we do this outright, it will result in lot of 301s or possibly 404s if misconfigured. How do i do it tag by tag and category by category?

This is what my competitors are using and thats the kind of hierarchy that i want to use. Please let know what could be the process to change from tags based to category based structure?

There is not much difference between tag and cat. Why would you do that? If you still want, start with few batch of URLs.

Lets say there is a category known as Advertising.

Advertising is a subject which falls under marketing

So ideal structure of site should be Marketing > Advertising

Some more structures can be

Medicine > Dentistry
Web design > CSS
Web design > HTML
Wordpress > Themes
Wordpress > Plugins

In above example, if you have tags, the tag will be dentistry, CSS, HTML, Plugins, themes etc. U can see that Tag alone is not specific on the subject

Wordpress > Themes - This is specific that we are talking of themes in wordpress
Themes - THis is not specific because u could be talking joomla or drupal themes too

If u look at NLP, google likes hierarchy better. Thats why i want to shift from tags to categories

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