Shortcode Plugin warns to disable Ad Blocker in Classic Editor

Anyone else faces this issue? Why this plugin wants me to disable AdBlocker, do they show ads in my website?

I am using uBlock Origin for adblocking and cosmetic filtering.

This plugin may have some terms “Ad”, that’s why.
It happens with me for Ads for WP Plugin when my adblocker is on and using the Wp Admin dashboard.

I don’t understand why people like you use adblockers?

I mean, you are yourself a hard-working blogger, know the struggle behind creating content and earning money from it and still instead of motivating others to not use adblockers, bloggers and content creators like you are using them?

Seriously why ?

Simply because a AdSense blogger is adblind and is unlikely to click on ads.


I am not using Adblocker. I am using uBlock origin which is not only for blocking, I mainly use it for cosmetic filtering.

I use it to unlock content behind paywalls. I even helped me to do my online registration of my even after the form was closed😅.

I also use it to remove particular sections from websites that are disturbing or useless.

You’re right😅