Shortpixel v/s jetpack photons which is the best image compression plugin?

Hello Folks,

Till right now I am using Jetpack photons for image compression, as black Friday offers are running so I thought to upgrade to Shortpixel.

But which is the best image compression plugin, Jetpack photons or Shortpixel??
Difference between both of them?? & Is it worth to update jetpack photons to Shortpixel??

Brand ShortPixel Jetpack Photon
How it works? lightweight, requries API key for on-the-fly optimization Photon is a kind of proxy uses JetPack plugin and connecting to account
SEO Looks professional as you can serve img from own domain Changes hostname to, for serving optimized images
Quality Control ShortPixel offers lossy, glossy, lossless Only lossy compression, image quality may degrade by default
Browser cache Respects origin Cache images for 63115200 seconds and there is no way to purge cache
Performance Depends on your hosting, in most case, this is best. Okay, however require multiple DNS lookup, domain sharding
Bandwidth managed by your host managed by 3rd-party
Costs Freemium, 100/images per month free Free
Supported Format JPG, JPEG, PNG, WebP, PDF JPEG, JPG, PNG, WebP
Backed by ID SCOUT SRL
WebP Conversion Yes Yes