Should i aim for high volume keyword?

I wrote a post targeting a small volume keyword. Now i am also ranking in top 10 results for High volume keyword in that category. So should i now update my article with that High Volume keyword or what ? Please Suggest @AbhishekVerma @BihariLala @Alpha @Saksham

Depends a lot on that keyword. If you think you can rank for that high volume keyword also then optimise, else write another post only targeting that keyword and link to it from the other article.


Give a try. If you can write better content, it might rank.


It doesn’t work as it seems.

Things you need to do while working in it

  • Analyze the keyword and its potential
  • Analyze the type of peoples that will visit
  • Will it help to get high CPC ads on your blog
  • Analyze other competitors and their DA/PA and overall rankings
  • Figure out the related keywords and their search volume

After finishing all the above mentioned things, and if you think that the keyword is worth writing then ho for it along with the things that are mentioned below. If you think that keyword is very competitive and you can’t beat it, then i would recommend to go for related keywords which you can get by using Ubersuggest or SEMrush

Things to do

  • Write well-optimized post by taking care of keyword count and also use the synonyms of that keyword.
  • Add proper internal and external links that seems helpful to readers
    Figure out the bloggers that are ranking well related to that keyword build backlinks from there and also other sites that are similar to your website.
  • Don’t overdo anything

That’s all @shabdbeej

Abhishek Verma