Should I buy EMD?

Hey, guys, I found a keyword and wanted to work on it. But Can I use EMD?

Hey, I don’t want to use that keyword in the domain name for rank but, It will be a niche-specific website that’s whay I am willing to use EMD.

Another point is, the keyword does not include any trademark’s name.

let me give an example = let’s suppose my keyword is = baby shoe rack (Just example)

So obviously I will write content on following topics

    1. infant shoe rack
    1. best baby shoe rack
    1. baby shoe rack ideas
    1. baby shoe rack DIY

So it is a good idea to register a domain name like

I know some of you will say it is spam and google will give a penalty.

But let google now “Hostgator cupon code”

You will find a domain rank for the keyword -

Stop thinking what google will think of the site and start thinking what users will think.
I google best baby shoes and land in a site which has all posts like best baby shoes under 100$ best baby shoes for 2020 best baby shoes for 2 years old.
Will that give me an impression that it is a legit site by any means?
Instead if the site is about baby care where i happen to talk about baby shoes then it looks much more authentic!

@saurav_556 baby shoes is a micro niche and baby care is a parent niche where I can talk about baby clothes, baby rashes cream, baby shampoo, baby name, etc.

But the keyword I found it is micro-niche by itself and has not any parent niche.

BTW, what was the final decision according to your answer?

In todays era micro niche site will not last long.
Say i have a big site with lots of content, which meams i will be more known in the industry and that will definitely bring more backlinks and thus the chanches of such site outranking your tiny site will be higher.
Also your site will be very limited in terms of monetization all you can do is adsense and Amazon or similar affiliate which is very risky as adsense pays pennies and amazon comission are going down day by day.
Also keep in mind parenting and anything related to parenting comes under YMYL so you will face some high competition there.

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For keywords like shoe rack ideas and diy people usually go to Pinterest as there are different inspiration and pictures available.

For DIY YouTube is the route.

Best X For Y are types of content that blogs usually rank for. But in parenting niche or something related to babies, google will be very careful in rankings!

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OK got some clarity.

BTW My keyword is not related to baby it was just an example.