Should I buy this domain. Need help

I was finding a good & memorable domain name from the last 2 weeks. But finally got a name.
Now the main problem is the .com TLD Extension of the domain is registered by since 2001

But the .in version is available. Site Category: Exams, Result, Govt Jobs, etc

So, Should I buy it?

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Yes of course you should buy. What about . Net extension. Isn’t it available?

It depends. The name could be owned by Washinton Post. Or when they decide to launch the domain or if they sell it to another company, you may not rank for the domain name.

No you shouldn’t.
It will be a trademark violation and they can sue you for confusing the users by using similar name. Thewashingtonpost is a registered trademark and just because its .in version is available doesn’t give you right to use their trademark name.

I think you’re confused here. Actually he is not buying the domain instead a domain name relevant for exam news stuff which is owned by Washington Post

Yes @AbhishekVerma. The domain is redirecting to the washingtonpost main domain. But it is registered since 2001. According to Saurav, the domain doesn’t look like a trademark because it’s all other TLD extensions are still not registered yet except .net.

And according to @Wasim_Akram, do you not think that .net is too costly and when my majority of the traffic will be from india, then why .net instead of .in? By the way .net is registered with Namecheap since June 2016. But site is returning host error 522 cloudflare page.

It’s better to avoid .in extension even if you are targeting India. Because as most of the people even today without knowingly will say anydomain .com when they speak. [.com] becomes a common slang. Hence, I recommend this.
Another thing is that, do not register any names which is being trademarked (or) being registered b y a trademarked organization. You will face issues in the future.

For Exams, Results, Govt Jobs, you can find any other alternative domain name.

It’s not a copyright trademark as I have checked here with class 38=News Agency

Check in US directory

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I have purchased it just 1 hour ago. I will don’t go to backward again.

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Hello buddies,

I have the same issue like this, I have purchased a domain and that domain is similar to news site but I haven’t launched a site till now but the renewal date is coming, should I renew the domain or should drop it ?
While checking on these sites:-
it’s showing 2 registered domain… .
What to do ??

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Is the domain contains “livemint” just with an another extension?

Yes, but the extension is also the same.

Hello @rajdeep what’s your opinion??

It’s already a brand. In my case, the .com of the domain which I want is registered but there is not a single website or topic on search engines of the domain keyword. So, I can easily go with it.(if there is not a such a copyright problem)
But livemint is a very famous brand. Sorry to say but leave it.

I have checked on web and have found very similar name they just alter the name and used same extension .com pls have a look:-
Any suggestions @MyilRaj @AbhishekVerma & @GulshanKumar
One domain & ingesting my previous time should invest or drop it??

Sorry, I am not able to comment on this subject. If I were.
I might have surely replied earlier.

I would recommend to drop. There’s no good reason to buy.

.net extension would be great compared to .in

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