Should I increase my fiverr gig price?


I make my profile on Fiverr in jun 2018 and I have a great time on Fiverr in last two month. completed around 17 orders with 100% satisfaction.
My most of clients from Europe and Australia and after my service they suggest me to increase the price of my gig. most of them suggest that my service worth more money and most of them give me the extra tip
I am just a few orders away from level one seller. should I increase my gig price now? or I increase it after reaching to level one seller?


Good to hear.

I think, it is not good idea to increase. A little bit is okay, but don’t do it on regular basis. It will affect your returning client and may impact search results.

I regret doing so.


I would better suggest, be kind to everyone and serve best that is worth praise and recommendations by your client.


thanks, @GulshanKumar for your suggestion. should I ask from all my client weather to increase price or not?


Since your profile is new, I wouldn’t suggest quickly jumping pricing.

Even I am level 2 but I wouldn’t like to increase.


In Fiverr, I think pricing less matters.

Lower is better.

However, no of total orders in one month, good ratings are subject to check.

More client => likely to have more returning sells.

Don’t be too obsessed on pricing unless you feel that it’s critical to increase based on given time.


Thanks gulshan. I will keep it in mind.


Let it continue …

Either way you might be getting extra indirectly.


I followed a similar strategy once of increasing the price once I was getting good number of orders it bombed, keeping it competitive is the best move…


I better recommend to keep the prices low as it gives a bit better CTR. In case, you have added three pricing system, you can increase price for the medium and high level work but for basic gig keep price same.

BTW Congrats for your success.

I also did some 15 orders in last 2-3 months with all 5 star ratings :slight_smile: