Should I monetize now, or work more on SEO get more traffic?

Hey Guys, this is my first post on the community. I have a query about ad monetization and seo.
My site getting daily ~2k average traffic.

Site is adsense approved, but I removed all the ad code for Speed issues. When I removed ad serving, all pages got 100% scores on CWV, even every pages Google PageSpeed Insight score is above 98+ (on mobile+desktop).
Again when I re-start to serving ad, the PageSpeed goes way to low.
So, I have fear about, if I start to serve ads my sites ranking would affect, and traffic will go down.

So my main question is that, should I primarily focus on SEO, and website performance rather than monetization?

Ads will degrade the site speed, but we have so many methods to maintain the site speed. Before that, can you just confirm the site’s average loading speed and time taken for first contentful paint as well as large contentful paint time?

After placing ads?

You can try lazy loading. Here are three ways to do it.

PS. The method #3 is amazing.

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