Should I reset wp database?


As you today I am going crazy about optimization and database clean up.

Friends I have been using WordPress for a year. Trust me in this period I never check phpmyadmin >> Wp-option. But today I checked and there I found 700+ tables in that section(wp-options).
So I want to clean the orphan tables. But I didn’t get right way yet! I tried garbage collector plugin, Advance database plugin but those just show table information and size. The scanning orphan is available only for the paid version.
@GulshanKumar told about CleanWp plugin but again it shows the only orphan there is no option to delete it.

I also find a video -
There is told about reset wp setting. So I was thinking that I would reset the wp-options table. Would it be fine?
If know then please tell me a right way to delete orphan tables.

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Do anything, please take backup

Below I am sharing a helpful resources for you.

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Thanks bro. It’s too late I will come back and follow your resources. :relaxed:

Good night

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