Should I start using infinite scroll on my Blog?

Is it gonna negatively effect the SEO of my website? Or does it helps in more pageviews? What are some plugins that I can use if it is good for website?

FYI. My blog is related to educational stuff and is using Ezoic.

Actually, I won’t recommend you to use infinite scroll on such website. I am not sure about SEO but this will ruin the user experience. If i visit your website, and I want to check the old articles, then I will have to keep scrolling to get back to the particular article. Instead in the pagination system, I can go to the particular page number.

Thanks for your reply. So basically I wanted to add it to my posts only not on my entire website. How about that?

Something like do
Actually, I hate it personally.

I agree with @AbhishekVerma

I hate infinite scrolling as well, Especially in the cases, when I am trying to reach at footer but infinite scroll don’t lemme do so :anguished:

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It’s Good as well as bad, You have say good bye to your footer and little bit of website speed.
It help you improve bounce rate as well as avg time per session. for eg: if user reach end of your article and than saw next article and found it interesting than it will help you a lot