Should I use AMP for my blog

My website is already well optimized and it loads within 1 seconds.
As we know speed is a factor for better ranking. For fast loading speed and small page size, AMP was introduced.

But these days it’s not limited to just speed of page but eventually Google forcing us to use AMP so they get more of control over our websites.

What are your opinions. Please let me know and also answer my question.

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You can get more traffic if you’re a news publisher and you have AMP. For others, AMP is not needed and it should be avoided.

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Avoid it.
Most premium ad brokers dont work as well with ads. Rpms goes down and also there are tonns of other issue.
I have tried amp and later removed it.
Your website needs to be fast for users. Thats it!
Also it does take away a lot of design and branding things that i dont like as much.