Should I use Cloudflare CDN?

Hey guys probably many of you are using cloudflare free CDN service then tell me what impact are you noticing.

Hey friends actually I have a Hindi blog 99% percent traffic from India so I thing I don’t need to use CDN. But… my competitors are using cloudflare.

I know it increases the speed but I found it create problems. I have enabled last time at noticed it created 500 errors.

So should I use cloudflare free cdn??

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Second I found Amzon cloudfort has 1 year free trial. Is it good?

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Generally, you don’t need a CDN if your 95% audience and server is in same country. I also feel that using CDN can be costly in terms of Bandwidth compared to having host.

Let’s do the maths

1 TB bandwidth price = $30 minimum for any CDN but same 1 TB can be achieved using $5 plan DigitalOcean cloud Instance.

Please correct me if I am wrong.

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However I would like to make an exception in above answer.

You may need Cloudflare or Sucuri kind of firewall if you need to handle a lot of traffic in budget, or if you are under DDoS/BOT attack.

Everyone can have different requirements or priority. If perf is just then you don’t need in same region.

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Enable CDN with Cloudflare and observe your site speed. If you can see any significant improvement in your site loading speed, continue with it else don’t use CDN.

Option 2: You can go for any premium CDN to load Images, and Scripts which also can you a performance boost.

Since CDN works with each site differently, you can come to a conclusion only if you can conduct your own testing.

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Who offers CDN ar $5?

My requirement is just and just speed.

  • Site hosted on nginx server.

  • GZip enabled

  • HTTPS 2 Enabled

  • Using lightweight generatepress theme

  • Fast Cgi cache enabled

Still speed not as expected.

Edited my answer to make it more clear.

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